Offender PID (Person ID)
 The PID is a number (up to 7 digits) that is used to uniquely identify the offender within the system, also known as an Offender ID
 Class D (CD)
 These offenders are located in places like county jails and detention centers.

 Community Service
 These offenders are serving community service in some area.

 Controlled Intake (CI)
 These offenders are considered controlled intake and are housed in controlled intake locations

 These offenders are serving their time in another manner throughout the state.
 Out-of-State, Out to Other State and Interstate Compact
 These offenders are serving time or under supervision in another state at this time.



 These offenders are located in one of the states' institutions:
 Bell County Forestry Camp
 Blackburn Correctional Complex
 Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex
 Frankfort Career Development Center
 Green River Correctional Complex
 Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women
 Kentucky State Penitentiary
 Kentucky State Reformatory
 Little Sandy Correctional Complex
 Luther Luckett Correctional Complex
 Northpoint Training Center
 Roederer Correctional Complex
 Western Kentucky Correctional Complex
 Or in one of the contracted private institutions:
 Marion County Adjustment Center